Committed to better RISC-V solution

We provide high-quality silicon-proven RISC-V compatible processor IP core, verification suite, software and toolchains.

Why Work with Us

Comprehensive Benchmarking

We provide comprehensive benchmarking and competitive analysis reports e.g. EEMBC and field application silicon and system measurement results.

Time to Market

We deliver satisfactory time-to-market product development and professional design service, e.g. it took one month and a half time-frame from kickoff to launch the project to customer’s silicon tape-out successfully on December, 2018

Lead Partner Project Management

We secure one-pass-success project development under a high-quality and silicon-proven development and QA process.

Our Process

product development and quality management

UC Techip

Lead Partner

Product Prototype Input


Project Phase-In

Product Spec Output


System Creation

R & D Verification


Verification and Pilot

Customer Verification


Commercial Manufacture

Processor IP core
and Verification Suite

- WH32 (single-core and multi-core)
- WH64

WH32 is a Silicon-Proven 32-bit High-Performance Low-Power Processor IP Core

- uBright Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) compatible with RISC-V architecture
- 1-4 Cores Cluster, 5-stage integer pipeline, 6-stage floating -point pipeline
- Support 32-bit RISC-V [I|M|A|C|F] Instruction Set
- Machine/Supervisor/User Mode
- 4K-64K ICache & DCache
- Dynamic branch prediction to speed up control instruction flow code
- Return Address Stack (RAS) to speed up procedure returns
- Support up to 16 Physical Memory Protection (PMP)
- Support 1-256 Platform Level Interrupt
- Support Virtual Memory Architecture (sv32)
- The CPI for most basic instructions is 1 cycle/inst
- mul may have 3-5 cycle latency  
- div may have 3-33 cycle latency
- load may have 2-3 cycle latency if cache hit
- atomic may have 6-7 cycle latency
- 16/32 bit mixable instruction format for compacting code density
- Custom Extension Instruction Interface for customized accelerator
- Support Hardware Performance Counter
- Both RTOS & Linux OS supported

Audio/Video signal processing
- Artificial Intelligence acceleration
- Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Development Environment
- LS-Extended SoC Development Platform
- Eclipse IDE w/i GNU Toolchains
- GDB + OpenOCD
- Loader: JLINK/FT2232/Olimex

Software & Toolchains

- Linux
- IDE and Profiling, Trace and Debugger, Simulator

Design Service Package

- ISA analysis and DSA design
- Software development
- eFPGA data-acceleration and Chiplet design


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